Aveng to offer solutions for the mine water threat

Thursday 9th September, 2010
Business Report highlighted that construction group Aveng plans to play a key role in offering solutions to the problem of toxic mining water, which is posing a threat to the environment in South Africa. CEO Roger Jardine indicated that the group was refining its water strategy and expertise in acid mine drainage to offer solutions to SA and the rest of Africa. Mr Jardine said the group was working on new technology called the higher precipitation recovery osmosis process, which has a proven water recovery rate of 98% compared with the global benchmark of 85%. The group's division, Engineering and Projects Company, commissioned three water treatment plants during the financial year. Mr Jardine added that having secured an acid mine drainage project in Australia, the group continued to focus on extending its expertise and leadership position in acid mine drainage, water treatment and desalination projects. Mr Jardine indicated that the approach would be to focus on private mining clients and engage the public sector once acid mine drainage comes into the market. Acid mine drainage is one of SA's most serious pollution problems. In light of this the group had prioritised the development of water treatment solutions.