• HiPRO™ is a high recovery precipitating reverse osmosis mine water treatment process which provides new supplies of potable water, while also restoring balance in the natural environment by limiting the impact of polluted water through effective treatment.
  • The HiPRO™ process achieves its high water recovery through the use of multiple stages of ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) membrane systems, operating in series, and with inter-stage precipitation of low solubility salts.
  • HiPRO™’s unique feature has the ability to process water at high recovery rates, with minimal brine.
  • Aveng Water has an excellent track record in innovation through the development and commercialisation of the HiPRO™process for Acid Mine Drainage in the coal mines.

Unique features of HiPRO™

  • Produces quality drinking water (SANS highest standard)
  • Very high water recovery, in excess of 99%
  • Lower capital and operating costs than other technologies
  • Minimum waste generation
  • Recovery of potentially useful by-products


Aveng Water has designed, built and is currently operating and maintaining the Erongo Seawater Desalination Plant, the largest of its kind in Southern Africa (54,000m3/day).

• Aveng Water offers desalination water treatment solutions to industrial, mining and municipal companies operating in coastal areas.
• The availability of fresh water supplies is under great pressure with the demands of global population growth, significant industrial development and changing climatic conditions.
• As a result, it is critical that cost-effective ways of providing fresh water for human consumption and business needs are developed.
• Seawater desalination is considered an increasingly viable water resource for industrial and domestic consumption by coastal users.
• Our adaptable and pioneering application of the seawater desalination technology makes allowance for varying feed water qualities and delivers consistent performance at optimal operating conditions.

Research, Development & Innovation

Continuous Improvement
We have implemented continuous improvement systems at all of our sites to further improve our R&D in brine and mine water treatment.  

  • Plant optimisation is done on a day-to-day basis as part of the operating contract as well as plant monitoring and data collection

The Aveng Water’s ability and competence for R&D and Innovation encompasses:  

  • On-going plant monitoring and assessment
  • Strategic engineering, testing, piloting and development

Research & Development Programme

  • Applied research and investigation
  • Product development and pilot

Other Water Treatment Solutions  

  • Ion exchange
  • Lime softening
  • Clarification
  • MF/UF/RO and NF
  • Evaporation
  • Crystallization
  • Activated carbon absorption
  • Activated sludge processes