Aveng in the News

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20 April 2010MEDIAAveng to focus more on water treatment
06 April 2010MEDIAAveng in a strong position
18 March 2010MEDIAAveng eyeing water and power companies
15 February 2010MEDIAAveng offers proven solutions to impending water crisis
10 February 2010MEDIAAveng - JP Morgan lift's Aveng rating to neutral
24 November 2009MEDIAAveng's Grinaker-LTA wins hospital contract
05 November 2009MEDIAAveng has African growth plans
26 October 2009MEDIAAveng grow solid order book
23 October 2009MEDIAAveng may have long-term potential
23 October 2009MEDIABillions in new work
23 October 2009MEDIAAveng order book rises to R31,3bn
22 October 2009MEDIAFNB Stadium 'the best stadium'
21 October 2009MEDIAAveng completes 2010 FNB Stadium stadium
21 October 2009MEDIAFNB Stadium highlights African design and ingenuity
16 October 2009MEDIAAveng positive about recovery prospects
29 September 2009MEDIAFinweek Technical Analysis: AVENG - POTENTIAL BREAKOUT
15 September 2009MEDIAAveng upgraded to a "buy"
14 September 2009MEDIAAveng CEO says skills shortage could erode gains
10 September 2009MEDIAAveng posts a 13% slide in profit
10 September 2009MEDIAAveng -- aligns itself for nuclear market
28 August 2009MEDIAAveng up on revised earnings forecast
09 July 2009MEDIAAveng - Grinaker LTD wins PetroSA contract
25 June 2009MEDIAAveng CEO hopeful about government spending
18 June 2009MEDIAAveng CEO confident
15 June 2009MEDIAAveng builds in PE venue in record time
09 April 2009MEDIAAveng is cash-flush
30 March 2009MEDIAAveng given a buy recommendation
19 March 2009MEDIAAveng's Australian unit overtakes local division
27 October 2008MEDIAAveng's order book up
19 September 2008MEDIAFM says Aveng is a "diamond"
09 September 2008MEDIAAveng boosted by overseas and local operations
09 September 2008MEDIAAveng awaiting outcome of nuclear bid
14 August 2008MEDIAAveng a buy, says Citigroup
08 August 2008MEDIAAveng's Grinaker-LTA wins brewery contract
25 July 2008MEDIAAveng rises after inclusion in S&P index
24 July 2008MEDIAAveng's Grinaker-LTA in strong position
26 June 2008MEDIAAveng does well in FM rankings
24 June 2008MEDIAAveng claims top spot in BEE ranking
20 June 2008MEDIAAveng subsidiary involved in Angloplat projects
11 March 2008MEDIAAveng confident it will win nuclear contract
24 January 2008MEDIAAveng a good buy, says OMIGSA
14 January 2008MEDIAAveng receives higher rating
29 October 2007MEDIAAveng's order book receives fill-up from World Cup
03 July 2007MEDIAAveng doubles annual profit on World Cup prospects
23 May 2007MEDIAAveng CEO comments on soccer stadium progress
15 May 2007MEDIAAveng to return Holcim proceeds to investors
15 May 2007MEDIAAveng CEO comments on Holcim sale
10 May 2007MEDIAAveng CEO shares opinion on construction Seta
24 April 2007MEDIAFund manager comments on Aveng's proposed disposal
24 April 2007MEDIAAveng CEO comments on Holcim disposal