Aveng in the News

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19 July 2001NEWSAveng expects big Mozal contracts
10 November 2000NEWSAveng/Dorbyl further cautionary
30 October 2000MEDIAAveng has grim outlook for the economy
28 September 2000MEDIAAveng/LTA acquisition approved by Tribunal
14 September 2000NEWSAveng results of general meeting
28 August 2000NEWSSalient dates of Aveng/LTA scheme of arrangement
15 August 2000MEDIAAveng first step in acquiring LTA
11 July 2000NEWSAveng to buy LTA for R1.3bn
20 January 2000MEDIAJSE authorises Aveng share buybacks
25 October 1999NEWSAveng makes Grinaker minority offer
04 October 1999MEDIAAveng to acquire Grinaker
01 September 1999NEWSAveng interested in Stocks & Stocks ?
27 August 1999NEWSAveng makes Grinaker minorities an offer