Aveng in the News

Datesort iconTypeTitle
27 August 1999NEWSAveng makes Grinaker minorities an offer
01 September 1999NEWSAveng interested in Stocks & Stocks ?
04 October 1999MEDIAAveng to acquire Grinaker
25 October 1999NEWSAveng makes Grinaker minority offer
20 January 2000MEDIAJSE authorises Aveng share buybacks
11 July 2000NEWSAveng to buy LTA for R1.3bn
15 August 2000MEDIAAveng first step in acquiring LTA
28 August 2000NEWSSalient dates of Aveng/LTA scheme of arrangement
14 September 2000NEWSAveng results of general meeting
28 September 2000MEDIAAveng/LTA acquisition approved by Tribunal
30 October 2000MEDIAAveng has grim outlook for the economy
10 November 2000NEWSAveng/Dorbyl further cautionary
19 July 2001NEWSAveng expects big Mozal contracts
03 August 2001MEDIAAveng considers issue of corporate bond
12 September 2001NEWSAveng outgrown SA market
25 September 2001NEWSAveng moves to become globally competitive
04 October 2001MEDIAAveng CE warns of changing construction industry
08 October 2001MEDIAAveng subsidiary opens centre in PE
23 October 2001NEWSAveng conversion of debentures into ords
05 November 2001NEWSAveng dematerialisation
29 January 2002MEDIAAveng--Grinaker consortium to build Sasol pipeline
20 February 2002MEDIAAveng and construction stocks benefit from budget
03 May 2002NEWSAveng subsidiary launches rail profiling machine
07 May 2002NEWSAveng 46% subsidiary to invest R340m in projects
12 May 2002MEDIAAveng hopes to be awarded Coega project
13 June 2002MEDIAAveng joint venture to sell off 35% in Omnia
17 July 2002MEDIAAnalysts recommend Aveng as defensive stock
21 July 2002MEDIAAveng offers good value
07 August 2002NEWSAveng scores well in corporate citizenship survey
27 August 2002NEWSAveng subsidiary reports good results
28 August 2002MEDIAAveng's Australian subsidiary up
29 August 2002MEDIAAustralian subsidiary of Aveng posts sound results
06 September 2002MEDIAAveng expected to release good results
09 September 2002MEDIAAveng diluted HEPS up 24%
09 September 2002NEWSAveng reports excellent results
09 September 2002MEDIAAveng reports 24% increase in earnings
10 September 2002MEDIAAveng workload limits growth of order book
10 September 2002MEDIAAveng ups annual EPS by 17%
30 September 2002NEWSAveng expects to repeat excellent growth
30 September 2002MEDIAAveng focuses on good corporate governance
09 October 2002MEDIAAveng earns nearly half of revenue outside SA
09 October 2002MEDIAAveng's turnaround becomes apparent
09 October 2002NEWSAveng issues a further R50m in commercial paper
13 November 2002MEDIAAvenge seeking South American opportunities
29 November 2002MEDIAAveng credit rating remains unchanged
09 December 2002MEDIAAveng is the star of the construction sector
04 March 2003MEDIAAveng share price increases by 2%
11 March 2003MEDIAAveng increases proportion of local revenue in SA
11 March 2003MEDIAAveng increases interim earnings by 21%
12 March 2003MEDIAAveng's subsidiary recieves boost from new plant