Aveng shows industry leaders how they purify acid mine water

Sunday 1st January, 2012

Aveng shows industry leaders how they purify acid mine water

Acid mine water is a by-product of extensive mining. It is extremely hazardous and has the potential to kill anyone who drinks it. Unfortunately, in South Africa, this hazardous liquid is seeping into the ground surrounding Gauteng, including the Cradle of Humankind (a national heritage site), and flowing into our rivers and waterways.

Added to this, once mining has taken place, acid mine water becomes a permanent threat to the ecosystem and those living around it. South Africa needs a sustainable and costeffective solution to solve this crisis. Especially considering that projections show that in 2021, South Africa will face substantial water shortages.

Currently, Aveng Water, the world leader in acid mine water treatment technology, purifies more than 60 million litres of contaminated water, every 24 hours.

This is enough to give every South African five glasses of water to drink a day. Developed locally, Aveng Water’s treatment technology is world-renowned for its high recovery of up to 99% of drinkable water.


Aveng Water could be crucial to the South African Goverment and its municipalities, to help recover and purify this toxic, deadly liquid, into something that is 100% drinkable again, turning a problem into a sustainable and holistic solution.


Aveng Water wanted to let the Government, current clients and potential new investors know about their world-class water purification technology and open up debate about acid mine water in a new and interesting way. It’s a complex, potentially politically sensitive subject and difficult to explain to anyone who is not directly involved with the industry.

Aveng Water had to demystify the topic and bring it close to home to the decision makers in Government, municipalities and mining industries. The public had already put extreme pressure on the Government without success. The Government did not see this as an immediate threat. We needed to change that. We needed to speak directly to the decision makers and educate them on the threat staring them in the face.



As a way to speak to key decision makers in a new and innovative way, we bottled the filtered, 100% drinkable water (previously acid mine water) and packaged it like any other premium bottled water brand. The difference?

Our water bottle changed as soon as it was unwrapped, to illustrate how effective Aveng’s technology is. It also had additional information about its origins and detailed the solutions that were taken to purify the contents by Aveng Water, the world leader in this technology.

People were impressed but more importantly, minds were opened and changed. This lead to potential and current clients wanting to visit the water purification plants.

To demonstrate just how remarkable Aveng Water’s technology is, and how significant it is that this water is now 100% safe to drink, we covered the bottles with a shrink-wrapped print, accurately depicting the colour and consistency of filthy acid mine water.

A perforated pull-tab was printed on the shrink wrap, with the message: “Tear here to purify”. After pulling the tab and removing the “dirty bottle” printed cover, a clean, drinkable bottle of acid mine water, purified by Aveng Water, is revealed.


This piece of communication let leaders in Government, muncipalities and mining industry’s experience what Aveng Water does on a daily basis: purifying thousands of litres of toxic acid mine water to become pure and drinkable again.


The included brochure showcased Aveng Water’s different water treatment solutions. The bottle, along with its accompanying brochure, were housed in an industrial looking metal container featuring the warning, “Open with care”. The metal container, leaflet and glass water bottle are all 100% recyclable, just like acid mine water.


Comment from client

The Aveng Water demo water bottles have been used by the Business Development team when they meet clients for the first time. They have proved to be a great concept for demonstration of the final product produced by our HiPRO technology. Most of our clients are not aware what Aveng Water means when we say our HiPRO process technology can treat mine water to quality drinking standard, the water bottle has been a very good ice breaker in our presentations.

It has been used at an interview with Jenny Cruyz Williams who talked about it on the radio as an ice breaker and said it was an interesting demonstration. Our clients have also found the demonstration interesting, and in turn has resulted in potential clients wanting to see our plants.

Going forward we will be using these bottles at every demo meeting for our potential clients.

Thank you!
Lebogang Mokale, Marketing Officer

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