Pure creative for Aveng Water

Sunday 1st January, 2012

Pure creative for Aveng Water

Aveng Water recently tasked MetropolitanRepublic to create a campaign for print and radio to showcase their water purification technology. The resultant creative was nothing short of attention-grabbing.

“We wanted to show that acid mine water treated with Aveng’s water purification technology was safe enough to be usable. We wanted to illustrate how something that is a health hazard and a major cause for concern in South Africa can be turned into something good – safe enough to be used on your own family,” says Kim Nast, Group Account Director, MetropolitanRepublic.

The creative for the print ad shows a baby in a bubble bath, playing with a toy. The copy reads: With our water treatment technology, we can make acid mine water completely usable again, even good enough to wash with. Developed in South Africa, this technology is world renowned for its high recovery of clean water.

The print creative was strategically placed in various publications aimed at the mining and business sectors, including the JSE Handbook and the Mining Insert in Sake Beeld, Sake Rapport, Business Day and Business Report, to coincide with the Mining Indaba. The image of a baby having a bath is intentionally eye-catching and stood out brilliantly amongst the mining editorial.

The radio ad, the first in a series, followed the same creative concept – a voiceover describing the running of a bath with what used to be acid mine water, then putting a baby in the water.

Link to article: http://www.metropolitanrepublic.com/pure-creative-for-aveng-water/